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Londonderry Lands and Families
Londonderry Lands and Families
Price: $39.95

Londonderry (Derry)
Lands and Families
with names of Catholics and Protestants Affected.
by the Rev. George Hill
* Includes Irish , Scots Irish, & English settlers from 1609 +.
A one of a Kind resource

Includes Rare Land Owner Records and Historical Notations Third Volume to the Series

This is the third volume to the set entitled, ‘Conquest of Ireland, An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ireland.’. It is hardbound and gold stamped, with decorated endsheets. It contains the record of the great change in land ownership and power in Ireland. It tells the story of the old Irish families losing their land, and the new settlers who assumed it. A one-of-a-kind genealogical record. The specific names and locations are given. It is a primary source of information for those fortunate enough to refer to copies of the surviving volume by Rev. G. Hill.
The following text was written to describe this volume:

Londonderry Lands and Families.

(101 pages) 0-940134-45-4. A rare record of events as they happened. The infamous Londoners' plantation and settlement of Ireland. Irish septs misplaced lands and the misdeeds of some of those who took the land....

This book tells the story of the Londoners coming to settle in Ireland. The settlement included the lands of: Loughinsholin, which had previously belonged to Tyrone; the old county of Coleraine which had belonged to OCahane; a small portion of the county of Donegal, including the island on which the city of Derry stood; and a small portion of County Antrim adjoining Coleraine. These were handed over to twelve London companies for plantation ... and united to form the the present county of Londonderry (Derry).
Fall of Local Chieftains The chief early Irish septs of this area were the OCahanes (Cahan or Kane), the OMullanes (Mullens or Mullins), the Magilliganes (Gilligan), and the McCloskies (McClusky).(See book index for full listings).
The background of the various Irish septs are given with notes on their status at that time. Important notes on persons and names are also given. For example, O'Cahan is found ridiculously translated as 'Quyvally'; the story of how John O'Reilly became the 'Queens' O'Reilly; Mr. Canning we are told, had a wife named Anne who was the daughter of Gilbert Walker, of Walford, in Worcester, and they had three sons, and so on... Here we also find footnotes to the text, telling us that Tristam Beresford was one of seven sons of Michael Beresford and Rose Knevitt, from the parish of Westram in the County of Kent. The footnotes go beyond these kinds of notes, into everyday life and customs of the day.

The Final Word

From the works of George Hill on the 17th century settlement of Ulster (1609+), the entire text includes family history records and enlightening 19th century commentary. This was the third volume to the set entitled 'The Conquest of Ireland, an historical and genealogical account of the plantation in Ulster'. It is published on its own here complete due to its importance to Historical and Genealogical Research.

This volume is Hardbound with a sewn binding for long life. The cover is Gold Stamped and illustrated with celtic lettering from the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters. Decorative endsheets. Special surname index included for the first time. Approx. size 7'' x 10''. Published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation (2004). First IGF edition, First IGF printing.

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