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Irish Knighthoods & Related Subjects
Irish Knighthoods & Related Subjects
Price: $14.95

Irish Knighthoods
and Related Subjects
by William Marmion

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Irish, Genealogy, Historical notes on the Irish in the Crusades,
Civil War Generals, indexed, illustrated, softbound.
The author has raked the ashes of Irish Archives and come up with neglected and extremely difficult to find information, of interest to history and genealogy researchers. The varied topics include:

The Irish in the Crusades;
All the U.S. Civil War Generals in the Union army that were Irish born, with service record;
All the U.S. Civil War Generals in the Confederate army that were Irish born, with service record ;
Modern knights;
The Fabricated MacCarthy pedigree exposed;
The Standing Council of Chiefs
and more....

Table of Contents
Part I - Knighthoods and Crusades
-The First Crusaders: Any Irish Names Among Them ?"
-The Knights Templar in Ireland: Irishmen of the order 1172-1314.
- Knights of St. John of Jerusalem: Members of the Order in Ireland.
-Minor Orders, St. Thomas of Acre and St. Lazerus of Jerusalem.
-The Capture of Jerusalem.

Part II Gaelic Knighthoods
-Writings of Anthony Marmion, 1854.
-What about Gaelic Knighthoods?
-Old Captain Nick: Ghost of Carrickfergus Castle

Part III - Nobiliary Matters in Ireland
-Nobiliary Titles in Ireland
-The Standing Council of Chiefs
-Comments regarding Clands of Ireland, Ltd.

Part IV - Some Modern Knights.
-Generals of Irish Birth in the U.S. Civil War: Complete List
-Rickenbacher: A Man in a Million
-Chennault of China: A Man in a Million
-Afterword and "A Motherless Child".

List of Illustrations
Crusader Doing Homage; The Seal of the Order of the Temple; King Philip the Fair of France; Coronation of Pope Clement V; Templar Church, London; A Knight of St. Lazarus; Grandmaster of the Knights of Malta; An investiture of knights; Moveable towers in warfare; Trim Castle, County Meath, Ireland; Warfare in Ireland circa 1275; Jerpoint Abbey, County Kilkenny, Ireland; Turlough O'Neill, The O'Neill, King of Ulster; Generals Michael Corcoran and Claire Lee Chennault; Capt. Eddie Rickenbacher.

About the Author 'Chevalier William F.K. Marmion stems from a prominent old Irish family. The large statue in Dundalk town square is dedicated to his 3x great-grandfather, who was executed for his leadership in the Rising of 1798. Another relative, Dom Columba Marmion, OSB, was recently beatified by the Pope. A businessman/CEO in the U.S. for over 30 years, he took early retirement in 1992 and returned to Ireland where he focused on his writing and historical interests, serving for a period on the board of directors of Clans of Ireland, Ltd in Dublin.
He has published seven books, and over sixty historical articles in various Irish journals - on history and genealogy, with a particular interest in the history of orders of knighthood in Ireland where his researches have received wide acclaim.With frequent visits back to Ireland, he continues his researches and was honourary chief of the Marmions from 1989 to 2010.

The Final Word 184 pages, softcover, 6 x 9, 16 pages of illustrations, general index, names index. Includes articles by the author from the 'Irish Sword'; 'Irish Roots'; 'Irelands Eye'; and 'Irelands Own". Includes the establishment of the chivalric orders in Ireland from the time of Strongbow. First Edition. First Printing. 2002. softbound. Some of the names found in this collection are:
Babington, J. Bachelor, W. Bagenal, H. Baldwin of Rethel Barber, M. Barnewall, P. Bernard of Clairvaux Bingham, R. Burley, T. Butler, a crusader Butler, Gilbert Cantwell, T. Charles, Prince Chennault, C. Chichester, J. Choneby, W. Clanrickard Cleburne, P. Curley, T. Custer, G. DeBistlesham DeBlohely, J. DeClare, R. Strongbow DeCourcey DeVallet, T. DeVerdon, B. Docwra, T. Fitzadam, R. Fitzdavid, J. Fitzgerald, a crusader Fox, the Irish Graham, S. Halpin, C. John of Dunmore Jones, Patrick Henry Kermardyn, S. Kildare, Earl of Lawler, M. Lee, G.A. s of Down Maguire of Fermanagh Malachy, St. Marmions of Carlingford Marshal, G. McKerrell of Hillhouse Niall, Irish King OBrien of Thomond OCallaghan, Irish chief OCarroll of Ely OConnor Don ODonnell, Hugh ODougherty of Inis Eoghan ODonoghue of the Glens ODonovan, the Irish chief OFlaherty of Galway OGrady of Kilballyowen OLong of Garranelogny OMalley, Grace OMorchoe, the Irish chief OMulreany ONeill, Hugh ONeill of Clanaboy ORuairc, the prince Peter-the-Hermit Rickenbacher, E. Riddlesford, a crusader Robert of Glastonbury Savage of Ards Seagrave family Tyrell, H. Walsh, R. Warner, E. Warren, W. Westmoreland, Wm.


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