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A Special Census of Northern Ireland: Pynnars Survey
A Special Census of Northern Ireland: Pynnars Survey
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A Special Census of Ireland:
Pynnars Survey

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Includes Rare Land Owner Records and Historical Notations Including Counties Armagh, Tyrone, Donegal, Cavan, and Fermanagh, with notes on Londonderry (Derry).

with names of Catholics and Protestants Affected.
by the Rev. George Hill
* Includes Irish , Scots Irish, & English settlers from 1609 +.
A one of a Kind resource

A Special Census of Ireland

This is the fourth volume to the series entitled, ‘Conquest of Ireland, An Historical Account of the Plantation in Ireland.’. It is hardbound and gold stamped, with decorated endsheets. It contains the record of the great change in land ownership and power in Ireland. It tells the story of the old Irish families losing their land, and the new settlers who assumed it. A one-of-a-kind genealogical record. Specific names and locations are given. It is a primary source of information for those fortunate enough to refer to copies of the surviving volume by Rev. G. Hill.
The Following description is specifically written for this volume:

Records of Landowners (164 p) 0940134659 Pynnars Survey was to provide a report on each owner of land and its status in Counties Armagh, Tyrone, Donegal, Cavan, Fermanagh;......
Pynnars Survey gives us the real names of landholders, and the location/ condition of their property in Ireland. This includes Counties Armagh, Tyrone, Donegal, Cavan, and Fermanagh with notes on Londonderry. It was originally compiled as a result of the 17th century plantation of Ireland (1609+). A landholders census record, it set about to give us the results of the 'planting' of families from outside Ireland onto Irish lands. Here, Pynnar gives us the name and condition of Undertakers, servitors, and principal natives on these Ulster lands. The footnotes by Hill are of particular note, at times bringing updates into the 19th century.

A sample from a small entry follows:
Sir Alexander Hamilton(55) the first patentee. Jane Hamilton (56), late wife to Claude Hamilton, deceased, hath 2,000 acres, called Carrotobber and Clonkine. Upon this Proportion there is a strong castle, and a Bawne of Lime and Stone thouroughly finished with her family living there (....and in the over 1/2 page of footnotes on this family are given other inhabitants in 1629, namely George Griffin, Francis Cofyn, Stephen Hunt, and Richard Lighterfoot, all of whom had been granted deeds.)

As throughout this whole series, there are many notes on family names, locations and backgrounds. Of the name of John Whisher, Hill gives that it is 'now' written as Wishart, and that Carew writes it as Wyhard, and that he had returned to Scotland and returned and suffered many misfortunes. We also find lists of tenants who were not landowners in addition to the 'census' type material.

This volume is very useful, to historians and family researchers today. There are too many families and specific plots of land to mention, but here are a few of the families with multiple listings in this work: Acheson; Alexander; Bingley; Beresford; ODonnelly; O'Boyle; Browne; Chichester; McCaffery; Butler; McBryan; Cole; Dillon; Hamilton (over 30 index listings); Moore; Maguire; Oneale; OReilly; Stewart; Richardson; Wilson; Wray and hundreds more.....

The Final Word

From the works of George Hill on the 17th century settlement of Ulster (1609+), the entire text includes family history records and enlightening 19th century commentary. This was the fourth and final volume to the set entitled 'The Conquest of Ireland, an historical and genealogical account of the plantation in Ulster'. It is published on its own here complete due to its importance to Historical and Genealogical Research.

This volume is Hardbound with a sewn binding for long life. The cover is Gold Stamped and illustrated with celtic lettering from the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters. Decorative endsheets. Special surname index included for the first time. Approx. size 7'' x 10''. Published by the Irish Genealogical Foundation (2004). First IGF edition, First IGF printing.


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