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Irish Hedge School CD’s & DVD’s

6 Fields of Study with Books, Podcasts & CDs for each

     Missouri Irish

The Original History now on CD !

Based on the 1st book of its kind.

From the earliest days. statewide:

  1. -Irish Wilderness Settlement

  2. -Irish Groups/ organizations

  3. -K.C., St. Louis, St. Joseph

  4. -The Murphy Wagon

  5. -Settlers and Irish origins

  6. -St. Patrick Day Parades

  7. -Famine Irish Arrivals

     Narrated by Molly Nickle.

    FREE Shipping. $19.95

   Learning Irish

Before you take an Irish Class.

Notes for the curious about Irish Language. Best of  ‘Hello Fada’ Broadcast with Renata Rua:

- Basic Phrases      -Sing a Song.

- Greetings            - My Name is

  1. -How are You      - I am From

  2. -The Fada             - Names

  3. -Counting             - Proverbs

  4. -I am fine; not bad!

  FREE Shipping.  $19.95.

History of Ireland

From the Hedgerow History Series, with Peter & Mike.

Now on one CD!

Four Major Areas Covered:

√ Era of Bards & Bardic Schools;

√ The Great Irish Famine;

√ Brian Boru, Vikings, Clontarf;

√ Hedge Schools, education

   FREE shipping. $19.95  

Irish Song & Recitation

Traditional Songs, Dance, Ballads, Recitation, Interviews, Irish/English

   The final 10 selections this year:

  1. 1.A Nation Once Again  (Adams)

  2. 2. Óró Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile Morton

  3. 3. Over the Mountain (Mick)

  4. 4. Leaving of Limerick (Peneleapaí)

  5. 5. Micheál Mór (Michael Collier)

  6. 6.Sadhbh Ní Bhruinneallaigh (Mick)

  7. 7.Danny Boy (Peter Reilly Adams)

  8. 8. Ar Bhruacha Na Laoi (Renata)

  9. 9. A Soldiers Song (Peter)

  10. 10. Commentaries-Dance, Music.


  - Free Shipping $19.95 -

Irish Genealogy

Top Tips on CD !  DNA;  Names; Coats of Arms; Searching theWeb; Books; Records; What works !

From Mike O’Laughlin, hedge school founder, and most published author in the field.

Includes Free Beginners guide book and Irish Masters CD.

Free Shipping *        $19.95

Irish Video Shorts

Focus on Genealogy & History  All of season one included for the first time.  15 video shorts, 2 slide shows, 1 travelogue.

This DVD includes:

  1. -Coats of Arms        -Tartans

  2. -Irish Names           - Timelines

  3. -Travel Video          - Genealogy

  4. -The Irish Families Project

  5. -St. Louis & KC Irish video

  6. -Plantation of Ireland

  7. -Two Slideshows and more !


    Free Shipping !     $19.95

A Return to Irish Roots

Our First Ever DVD, with songs, podcasts, travel video and more !

Now Complete on one DVD !

Available on our web page or on Amazon.com.    Now shipping. $12.95 = $4 s & H

*Note $19.95 ea.. or $75 for full 6 disk set above.

The CD’s and Videos above are available directly from me at the Irish Hedge School.  Pay with ‘Buy Now’ buttons above or send to me at :

Mike O’Laughlin, Irish Roots Cafe, Box 7575, KC, MO 64116

Each will also be available as a free choice

for new and renewing gold members.

  1. 1.Irish Genealogy         

2. Irish History     

3. Missouri Irish            

4. Learning Irish           

5. Irish Song & Recitation

6. Irish Video Shorts     

Complete Set: $75.00

Complete 6 Disk Set

Irish Genealogy Pack

√ Irish Genealogy 101 CD

√ Printed Beginners Guide

√ Free podcast series

Irish Song & recitation

√ Irish Song 101 CD

√ Irish Song & Singers book

√ Free podcast series

Irish in America

√ Missouri Irish CD

√ Missouri Irish Book.

√ Irish Video Shorts DVD

√ Free podcast series

Irish Video Studies

√ Six Irish 101 CDs-DVD s

   Video Notes included

     - Exam on Request -

History of  Ireland

√ History of Ireland 101 CD

√ Annals of Ireland......

√ Free podcast series

Learning Irish

√ Learning Irish 101 CD

√ Hello Fada booklet

√ Free Hello Fada podcasts

My Song, History, Language, CDs

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Keep the Hedge Growing !

Peter Reilly Adams

History; Song

Molly Nickle

Narration, Reader

‘Missouri Irish’

Renata Rua

Irish Language; Song

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  Irish Song: Traditional & Sean Nós

1) 'Sí do mhaimeo í   1:24

2) Over the Mountain  3:15

3) Óró, Sé do Bheatha 'Bhaile!   2:12

4) Danny Boy  2:49

5) Slán agus Beannacht 2:24

6) Boys of Mullaughbawn  3:18

7) Bean Pháidín   1:33

8) The Rocks of Bawn   4:03

9) Sadhbh NÍ Bhruinneallaigh   1:53

10) The Farmer Michael Hayes    3:00

11) Skibbereen  6:12

12) An t-Úll; The Apple   2:17

13) Paddy Leary    4:05

14) Róisin Dubh    2:34

15) The Kelly Song  2:21