My Donahue Family

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O’Donahue of  the Glen

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The Madams Bridge

The Crooked Knife

Killaha Castle

Ludlows Cannon Balls

Services in the ruins

DNA results


From Glenflesk, County Kerry, Ireland

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O’Donoughue ruins at Aghadoe, overlooking Killarney. Jim Donahue signals the clan from the remains of the 2nd story.

The Donahue Clan, a one of a kind memory. One generation away from Coomacullen Mountain, Glenflesk, County Kerry, Ireland. These were some of my Mothers siblings.

We have here a scientist, a Jesuit missionary, a forest ranger, business men, a bombadier, and a code breaker in WWII.  Their father was a telegrapher with Western Union.

(bottom row left to right:  Jim, Bill.

top: Steve, Fr. Bob, Dick, Chuck.)

Mary Elizabeth (Sullivan) Donahue my grandmother.


The Ladies: front center: Loretta: behind her: Mary Elizabeth (my grm); to her right Kathleen (Kak); far left: Pat (my mother)

not shown: Ceal Donahue Trumpeter.

Cornelius Donahue and Mary Keliher

oldest generation

My Donahue family hails from Coomacullen Mountain, Glenflesk, Co. Kerry, Ireland.  Some Family arrived via New Orleans in the 1850’s.  One family legend says that the parents of Mary (Kelliher) Donahue drowned in the (Shannon) River around the time that the family was leaving for America. She decided not to come as a result of the tragedy.  Her husband, Cornelius Donahue did depart and settle in America however.   ( My mothers side of the family tree)

There are other versions, of course.   (more to follow)

Interesting that I found two sets of Cornelius Donahues and Mary Kellihers that were married to each other in the same era.  As I recall, one pair was a fair amount younger than the other, which helped in solving that puzzle !

My gr-grandfather spoke the Irish language. My mother distinctly remembers that he told visitors to ‘speak the English language now that we are in America !’ .  She also remembers a root beer making

‘still’ in the basement as a young girl.....hmmm...