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Q.  What is the tartan for my Irish family ?

There are no tartans historically connected to Irish Families.  Tartans are a proud Scottish tradition.  

See my video on the right (and my blog) for more details.      

Q. How do I order your books online ?

Order my books online on our secure order pages here .

Click on book title, then add to shopping cart on next page.

Q.  Do You Have a Mobile web page ?

Yes !

Q.  Can I join the Irish Roots Cafe & Hedge School ?

Yes !  Sign up on here our secure membership page.

You can join up or order books online, or mail to:

Mike O’Laughlin, Box 7575, Kansas City, MO 64116  USA

Q.  I heard that ‘Mc’ is Scottish and ‘Mac’ is Irish ?

They are both the same !  Mc is an abbreviation for Mac. ( It means ‘son of’ or ‘descendant of’). You will find both used in Ireland and Scotland.

Q.  Is My Family Name in Your Book ?

Our free master index shows all of the books your name is in.  Just type in your family name, but leave off the O or Mac  Here is the page to do the free search:  Free Master Index

Q.  How do I Trace My Ancestors to Ireland ?

The first step is to find your Irish county of origin. See my genealogy blog, and podcasts for detailed info.

I also have a beginners book to help (free to members).

Q.  What is your ‘enhanced’ genealogy podcast ?

First we make the free Irish Family History  ‘radio’ show.  Then we make an enhanced version, adding pictures and links that you can click on if listening with iTunes !

Q.  What is the right way to spell my surname ?

An Irishman, or a census taker, could spell a name anyway he liked.  Brothers could spell their name differently.

We have a guide to the many spellings of Irish names..

Q.  What is the apostrophe after the O in names ?

Anciently there was an accent mark (fada), over the O in Irish names.  It went from Ó in Irish to O’ today.  Learn more about Mac and O on the Hello Fada podcast.

Q.  What does ‘Sean Nós’ Irish Song mean ?

Sean Nós simply means ‘Old Style’. It is very distinctive.  The 3rd season of our Irish Song podcast features Sean Nós songs and singers here: My Sean Nós Song page.

Q.  Who are you ?

Mike O’Laughlin. I’ve written, or published most books, DVDs, blogs, videos and podcasts on (since 1978). more here & my genealogy here.

Q.  Why did hedge schools start in Ireland ?

Irish schools and teachers were once outlawed, so they held class outdoors, in barns, etc... Our ‘History of  Ireland’ podcast has episodes explaining more  here.

Q.  How can I use DNA to find my Irish Ancestor ?

A male in the family swabs his cheek with a cotton swab, and sends it to the DNA company. They record your DNA to see who matches up ! (More DNA Here)

Q. What is the Irish Families Project ?

It took 30 years! I’ve written 34 books, one for every County in Ireland on Irish family history.  I have a description of each one at: Books We Publish Page.

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