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Connie Dover

"..a voice that is so pure, so beautiful, so magical, that it tells you: this is how to sing a song."    -- The Scotsman

Irish Song and Recitation #8, #9.

Pete Maher, publisher of Irish Focus

States: MO, OK, KS, NE, IA, IL, ARK.

Irish in America show #13, IFH #9

Kerry Browne

Browns Irish Market

Oldest Irish Run business in N. America

Irish in America #4, Irish Fam. His. #26

Peggy Sheehan

Sheehans Irish Imports

Irish in America show #16

Mike Burke

Burke, Canada 1868 Town of Kansas

Irish in America show #3

Ed Neafcy

author: Surnames of Ireland

Irish Song show: #14, Una Bhan

Molly Nickle

Irish Dancer

Narrator: Missouri Irish Book.

Irish Family History show #7, #8

Emily Wyatt

Harp and Vocals

Irish Song show #17

Terry Kast

Celtic Ranch

Podcast Series Link:

IFH = Irish Family History podcast

Irish Am. = Irish in America podcast

Irish Song = Song and Recitation show

Hello Fada = Irish Language notes

HR= Hedge Row History sessions

Mike O’Laughlin

Author, Founder: Irish Roots Cafe

Patricia Harty

Irish America Magazine co-founder

Irish Family History shows #75, 76

Peter Reilly Adams

Tour Guide, vocalist, and co-host of

Irish Hedge Row History sessions.

10 sessions on Irish Song podcast!

Denise Irving McNally

Irish in America Podcast #15

Bennett Greenspan

Family Tree DNA

Irish Family History Show #36, #71

Adam Braunschweig

‘By the Banks of the Roses’

Pubs, sessions.

Irish Song & Recitation #21

Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak

Annie Moore, First to Ellis Island.

Irish Family History show #10

Walt Harper

Lost Tribes of Irish in Georgia

Irish in America #25, #26

Jody Watson

The Lone Piper

Irish in America #14

More Distinguished Guests

Renata Henley, host, Hello Fada series

Frank Delaney, author, IFH  #150

Chuck Haddix, author, Irish Am: #5

Wm. Worley, author, Irish Am #2

Rachel Casey, Irish Museum. #19

Frank & Patsy Pope, Irish Am #9#10

Michael Parle, IFH #

Michael Collier, Irish Song #19, #20

Dave Brown, Scartaglin  Irish Am. #6

Tom Walsh, Irish in Amercia #7

Pat O’Neill Jr., Irish in America #12

Stephanie Mahoney, Irish Am. #17

  1. I.Jordon, Irish in America #18

Sean Kane, Irish in America #19

Zlata Filipovic, Irish Fam. Hist. #153

Patricia Donahue OLaughlin IFH#12




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