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           How To Carry  The  Sod

Learn the Hedge School way.  Listen to our 250+ ‘radio‘ shows and CD’s, watch our videos, and read our hedge school books !  (We also offer live sessions). Most shows are free, but I rely on your membership to pay for rent & food !

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In 2006 I began the worlds first Irish Genealogy Podcast !  It was inspired by my 34 book set on Irish Genealogy and Family Names which took 30 years to compile. It includes books on every county in Ireland and Northern Ireland.  Several libraries have the complete set.  Books in this set are also available individually.

                 Irish History sessions

In addition to our hedgerow history podcasts,  founded by Peter Adams and myself, I publish rare history books, like the ‘Annals of Ireland’ by the Four Masters; Keatings ‘History of Ireland’; and the ‘Conquest of Ireland’.  All of these works have ties to the 17th century, the era when the Hedge School was born.  Several of our books include the text in Irish and English.

            Irish America sessions

Our broadcasts on St. Louis, Kansas City, and Savannah, Georgia, began this program. We have now also written original books on the Irish in California, and Missouri. 

           Oral History Recordings

We have been recording oral histories of the Irish in Kansas City for several years now. We have a few for our friends in Savannah, Georgia as well. Contact me for interview where-ever you are !

         Irish Language Sessions

Our ‘Hello Fada’ podcast with Renata Rua, is great for those folks considering a formal Irish Language course.  This show includes notes for the curious, and interesting sidelights, but no hard core instruction in year 1.

             Sean Nós Song Sessions

Our song festival records traditional Irish & Irish American Song each year.  Record your song via skype, or in person.  Feel free to join in our local, live sessions too. We also have a small song group for the fun of it ! Companion book and CD’s available.

“ Schools were outlawed...

They taught in fields,

by the side of the road....

where-ever possible...”

              - Mike O’Laughlin

A pound of butter, or piece of turf was the tuition at the hedge school centuries ago. 

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Renata, as heard on ‘Hello Fada’ with Irish Language notes

Peter Reilly Adams Irish History Show & Irish Ballads.

The Worlds

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- Mike O’Laughlin

We Publish 80 Books and CD’s for our Hedge School !  

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We publish 60 books by 10 authors, living and dead !

The Irish Families Genealogy Project is our 34 book set - a book for every Irish county.

  The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters and the Irish Book of Arms, are part of our rare book program. 


  Our Hedge School makes  CDs for each school of study shown above.

   Listen in the car or share as a gift with a friend.  Family History to Language to Song and recitation !      

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  I have written over one thousand blogs/ articles since 1978. Our main blog is at the Irish Roots Cafe, with special entries at IrishCentral, & the Hedge School. I am updating our member newsletter now.

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Start with our video shorts on genealogy and history. Then listen to our Irish song videos.

  Our group travel video of Ireland in 1984 is on the list !

  We’ve added slide shows too.


We also make live, in person presentations. Subjects include all that you see on

our web pages !  We can actually hold a class for your gathering if desired.

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Listen to our podcasts for each of our six fields of study, 300 shows in all ! A podcast is a radio show that you can listen to anytime. Just use our web page; or iTunes; or our CD’s !

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About the Café

  The Irish Roots Cafe is a world leader in Irish genealogy and history. Our monthly audience for podcasts & blog exceeds 100,000.  We are now headed for 10 million hits yearly.

  Host Michael O'Laughlin is the worlds most published author in the field of Irish genealogy, with 60 books;  hundreds of newsletters; 300 broadcast episodes and 20 videos to his credit.

One of A Kind

We produced the first Irish Family history broadcast series in 2006; publish classic works like the Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters; and recently completed the 34 book set known as the Irish Families Project. Mikes floating house band ‘Sean Nós Abu’ was recently named the #1 Celtic artist in the nation!

Hedge School

The Hedge School expands the reach of the Cafe into many new areas.

You might notice that we publish all of the books shown on these pages.  In all, I publish 60 books by 12 authors; 250+ podcasts;

7 CD’s and 20 videos !  I’ve learned the production techniques a bit at a time, since 1978, and each year we make it better.

We produced the first:

  1. 1)34 book Irish genealogy set.

  2. 2) Irish Genealogy Broadcast

  3. 3) Missouri Irish book and CD

  4. 4) Irish Song podcast.

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