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  Peter Adams and I serve as hosts for the first season.  We cover a wide path of topics, including the Celts; St. Patrick; The Vikings;  The Flight of the Earls O’Neill and O’Donnell; The Wild Geese; Civil War; Penal laws; Treaty of Limerick; Wolfetone and Tandy; along with The Famine and immigration.

                              The Sources

  Over the last 30 years I have reprinted many Irish books.  When I started to prepare for the 17th century Ireland episodes,  I was surprised.  So many of the books I had chosen were directly connected to the 17th century in Ireland !

                Histories Last Gasp

  Two great histories were written in the 17th century by the Irish.  Perhaps the authors know that the final fall was near.  Keatings History of Ireland, and The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters are the two great histories written in that era.

  As the century closed thousands of Irish were exiled to the continent.  These men are individually featured in King James Irish Army List.  ( Many folks do not know that the native Irish were on the side of the King at that time.).  Recently the pay books for the other side were uncovered in the north.  Amazing that they survived at all.

                 17th Century Plantation

The bringing of settlers into Ireland from Scotland and England marked the beginning of the end.  The plans to take and transfer of land to the settlers is detailed in the work by Hill which I published as “Conquest of Ireland”.   Then of course, the “census of 1659” further recorded the transfer of land and settlers for all of Ireland.

  It had not struck me before, just how consuming the 17th century was in so many ways for the Irish.

               Heraldic Records

One source for families and locations in Ireland, is the work of the herald.  Family histories were recorded in detail, with names, dates and locations.  This includes locations in England and Scotland, for families that settled in Ireland from abroad.   I have researched back 4 centuries and include the families and genealogical notes in ‘The Irish Book of Arms’. Illustration of the arms from olden times in black and white are included, as well as modern armigerous families with arms in full color.

             Amateurs & Veterans

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1. The Fall of Chiefs & Clans

2. Pynnars Survey of Ireland

3. Londonderry Land/ Families

4. Names in the Land Grants

Keatings ‘History’

Conquest of Ireland

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Irish Book

of Arms

Irish Army List

(Wild Geese)

1659 Census

The History of  Ireland

They were rough unpolished men, brilliant scholars, teaching by the side of the road, in nooks and crannies, whenever and wherever possible.

Such men as these -they were the teachers of the hedge !

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√ Keatings ‘History’

Geoffrey Keating compiled his History of Ireland, under threat of arrest. From the earliest times to the 17th century.  It is one of the few such works originally written in the Irish language.  The footnotes are priceless.

√ Annals of Ireland

by the Four Masters.

As the Irish Culture fell in the 17th c., brother Clery and crew had the task of collecting all the histories that then existed.  The result is this year by year

history of all Ireland.

√ Irish Book of Arms

  The great collection of arms from before and after the Irish Free State. In color and b&w.  I have added notes on the family history of each name or specific family as available.

  From sources dating to the 17th century.  Older arms may be tattered and torn.

√ Conquest of  Ireland

Four Detailed Volumes tell the story of the conquest of Ireland in the 17th century and the flight of the Earls:

  1. 1.Fall of Irish Chiefs & Clans

  2. 2.Pynnars Survey of Ireland

  3. 3.Londonderry Lands

  4. 4.Names in the Land Grants

√ Irish History CD

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Era of the Bards

The Great Irish Famine

Brian Boru, Vikings

Hedge Schools in Ireland

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√ Irish Video Shorts

Focus on Genealogy & History  All of season one video included for the first time.

15 video shorts, 2 slide shows, 1 travelogue. Includes shows on:

  1. -Coats of Arms        -Tartans

  2. -Irish Names           - Timelines

  3. -Travel Video          - Genealogy

  4. -The Irish Families Project

  5. -St. Louis & KC Irish video

  6. -Plantation of Ireland

  7. -Two Slideshows and more !

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The History of Ireland