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Kerry Patch Resident.

The Irish were the 1st to form ethnic ghettos throughout the U.S.

Brownes - The oldest continuously operated Irish business in the U.S.

Photos courtesy of “Missouri Irish”, first book on the Irish in Kansas City and The Irish Wilderness, plus St. Louis and the state at large. ©1984, 2010.

Our trip, podcasts, and talk in Savannah, Georgia, uncovered some ‘Lost Tribes of the Irish’ in the South.

                       The Broadcast Series

  The second broadcast series we started up, the ‘Irish in America’ podcast, began as ‘Irish in Missouri’.  We chose the original title based upon the ‘Missouri Irish’ book which I authored in 1984.  It was the first book of it’s kind.  We also have video shorts and a CD on the Irish in Missouri; St. Louis; and K. C. etc..


  No book had yet covered the Irish in Kansas City.  The Irish Wilderness was still largely a mystery.  The story of the Murphy wagon lost to most, and the St. Louis Irish bear an important role in U.S. history.  (We have recently published that book in two audio formats for the first time. )


  We rely on several valuable interviews for season one, including: William Worley; Mike Burke; Peggy Sheehan; Kerry Browne; Pete Maher; Peter Adams; Jody Watson; Chuck Haddix; Frank and Patsy Pope; Dave Brown; Tom Walsh; Pat O’Neill; Denise McNally; Stephanie Mahoney; and M. Jordan.

                  Amateurs & Veterans

  Illustrations of the guests, authors, co-hosts, and historians we have interviewed over the years can be seen at


  Having been invited to Savannah, Georgia, we took our mobile unit and recorded a show or two on the Lost Irish in Georgia, with the help of Walt Harper (shows #25, #26).

               Oral History Collection

  The third season of the show is a collection of 10 additional oral history interviews, with the folks at Brownes Irish Street Faire.  Brownes is the oldest continuously run Irish business in the U.S..  We took the interviews at random, and focused on the earlier days, generations past.

                     California Irish

  Next season we may focus on the California Irish, based upon the ‘Irish Families on the California Trail’ book which I recently authored.  I’ll be looking for some interviews there !

                                    Your Area

  Feel free to contact me on the history of the Irish in America that you may know about.  Your home town may turn up on next seasons show !

                                 -  Mike O’Laughlin


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Irish  in America

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Irish Genealogy Books, Blogs, Broadcasts

Irish in America with Books, Blogs, CDs & Podcasts !

Based Upon Our Hedge School Courses

√ Irish Families on the

California Trail

The story of the California Irish. Early settlers, the Donner Party; Railroad; celebrations.  Bonus: This Book includes an early dictionary of Irish Family Names.

√ The Scottish Macs

This book is an early study of names that begin with Mac/Mc.  Many, of course, are found in Northern Ireland as well.

√ Mac, Mc, O names in America, Scotland & Ireland.

This book includes a statistical study of names that begin with Mac, Mc and O, and their frequency.

√ Missouri Irish Book

The original History.

I searched the entire state when compiling this book:

-Kansas City        -St. Louis

-Irish Wilderness

-Parades               -Settlers

-Famine Immigrants

         Now on CD too.

√ Missouri Irish CD

  Based on the book of the same name, the first ever of its kind.  Enjoy this history from the unique perspective of middle America.

√ Irish Video Shorts

Several video shorts of interest, including:

-K.C. Irish   -St. Louis Irish

-Missouri Irish

-Irish in America Show

√ Missouri Irish, original history

√ Irish Families California Trail

√ Missouri Irish CD

√ Book of Irish Families

√ Irish Video Shorts (DVD)

√ Irish in America Podcasts

√ Mac, Mc & O names in....

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The Story of  the Irish Worldwide

Our Masters Irish in America Program  for Year 1.

Our Irish in America Shows

The second podcast series from the Hedge School.  We start with Missouri and take a trip or two to Savannah, Georgia for starters.