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Our Festival  Specials and Exhibits For 2013 - 14

Our Hedge School Presentations and Exhibits

Irish Genealogy;  History; Heraldry; Language; Song

Displays (examples):

=Thousands of dollars worth of Irish Books/CDs:

- Our Irish Genealogy books for all 32 Irish counties;

- The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters;

- Special CDs for genealogy; history; song; language

- Books in the Irish Language

For research & browsing:

-The Book of Irish Families  (for reference)

-The 1659 Irish Census surname location Index

-The 1890 Birth Index of Ireland

-The Irish Book of Arms

-DNA applications and applicators !

- Small sessions for special topics

Displays and Charts like:

- Irish Coats of Arms from the Irish Book of Arms

  1. -The ancient Ortelius surname map of Ireland

  2. -Surname Map from the Annals of Ireland

Free Print Outs:

- Your surname and which books it appears in,

including the specific county book(s) and the Annals.


The topics of Irish Genealogy; History; Language

and Song are available with complimentary CDs.

Podcast at your location:

We can podcast on location from your event and

promote your festival with advance publicity with

our blogs and broadcasts.

Traditional Song Sessions (Sean Nós )

Mike sings in Irish, Sean Nós style, in the house band for the Irish Roots Cafe, ranking #1 in the U.S. on Reverbnation in 2012 as a Celtic group.

Traditional Songs are sung in both Irish and English language by this talented group of acoustic enthusiasts (they include historical commentary).

Session performances are informal, in the Sean Nós tradition. Sung solo or in a group acoustic session. 

A bit of Irish History is part of the story too ....

Also available for Weddings, Parties and Sessions !

Presentations for Festivals - Workshops - House Parties

Irish DNA group info & updates !

Genealogy Books/ exhibits

See us in the Celtic Crier !

Giant Surname Map.

Detailed Irish County Maps.    

Surname Distribution Maps

Complimentary CDs for the event

The Irish Book of Arms and

The Annals of the 4 Masters. On display.

Choose your favorite for your special event :

*Most published author...

 Mike is a one of a kind resource. He has authored 12 hardbound books; 34 Irish genealogy county books, 20 CD's/videos, 300 podcasts, 7 broadcast series', and 1,000+ articles. He also publishes rare works like 'The Annals of Ireland by the Four Masters'; and 'Missouri Irish'.

Mike sings in Irish Sean Nós style, ranking #1 in the U.S. as a celtic artist on Reverbnation in 2012)

(Reverbnation May 2012-January 2013.)

We Exhibit, Teach, Perform

Author Mike O'Laughlin* is among

those consulting with audiences.

One of a kind old style &

Irish language songs for:




Special Celebrations

Appearance Fees: cost varies based on number of performers and time required.  Minimum local event fee for Kansas City is $100, plus $50 trip and prep charge.  Out of town events are welcome coast to coast. and priced accordingly.


Private One to One chats with Mike are available to you via phone or on Skype.

We will share what we have learned over the last 30 years, on the topic of your choice. ( i.e. history; genealogy; publishing; heraldry; Song and so ...

Band Schedule for March 2013

Irish Roots Cafe March 2013 Schedule

Feb. 23 - Browne's Marketplace    KCMO

March 1 -Crossroads Coffeehouse KCMO

March 2 - St. Andrews church (Gladstone)

March 9 - Browne's Marketplace   KCMO

March 9 - Gaelic Mass. KCMO

March 10 - Immaculate C./Louisburg, KS

March 16 - Celtic Ranch, Weston, MO

March 23 - The Granada in Lawrence, KS

Band Schedule for March 2014

March 8 - St. Andrews Church (Gladstone)

March 15 - Immaculate C./Louisburg, KS

Molly at our exhibit at the Louisville Irish Fest