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                         Hello Fada, its Renata !

  Our Fifth podcast series.  We begin with simple notes for those curious about the Irish language.  If you are considering taking a formal class, these shows will be helpful too.  In the first season episodes we speak with Renata, who teaches a class in Irish, at the local Irish Center.  She is session leader for season one.

  These first episodes are not intended as formal instruction in the language.  They are intended to inform and entertain, while taking your first look at Irish.  We also note some cultural experiences as we go along.

  I have prepared a companion booklet along those lines for those interested. (in progress).

                           Family Names

  I have always had an interest in Irish family names appearing in old annals. The spelling and grammatical rules can change, depending upon the century in which the surname was written.  That is one of the reasons I was very happy to have Renata volunteer her time for this series.

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                                                   - Mike O’Laughlin

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Teaching in the

Irish Language was Forbidden.

The Hedge Schools were, at First, all taught in Irish Gaelic.

Your Host Renata

    Hello Fada

      curious notes

       on the Irish Language

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(One)   A haon 

(Two)   A dó

(Three) A Trí

How Are You ?

Conas Atá tú?


Dia Dhuit

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Ogham is the first written language found in Ireland.





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An Bhruacha Na Laoi

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