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1. Kansas City Irish History and Legend

2. Donnelly Pendergast Founding Fathers Kansas City

3. Burke Canada 1868 Town of Kansas Missouri

4. Kansas City Oldest Irish Name in N. America

5. Kansas City Irish Jazz Lexington

6. Traditional Irish Music Scartaglen Kansas City

7. Irish Walsh Rellihan Picnics Northeast Listowel Chicago

  1. 1.O'Malley Nelly Don Pendergas Mafia in Kansas City

  2. 2.

9. Pope Kansas City Irish Groups 1980's

10. Liverpool KC Irish St. Patricks Missouri

11. Adams Irish Patch Kansas AOH B&B's

12. Kellys Parade Jim Pendergast KC Irish Fest

13. Maher Kilkenny Ireland Irish groups newspapers

14. The Lone Piper Jody Watson Canada Congress

15. Irish Dancers Piper Scots Irish Lessons

      (Partial List see more at www.Irishroots.com)


  After a great response to my “Irish Families” broadcasts,  I started the first podcast on the Irish in Missouri.

  Some pretty interesting characters are found here. The history runs from 1770 forward.  I begin with Kansas City, St. Louis, & the Irish Wilderness.

  Your participation is invited,  We will cover any state or city in the world if opportunity presents.

Missouri Irish Podcast

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